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For us, the most important thing is YOU.

That is why we want to LISTEN to YOU. We want to know what you need and what matters most to you in order to put all possible means at your fingertips, causing you no discomfort.

We are aware of the complications involved in buying and selling a home. That is why we are here, to take care of the hardest work so that you can be happy and calm.

Below I write the most demanded services by our clients but we are here to help you. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask us any questions or needs and we will do everything in our hand to solve your doubts.


Consult us without obligation. We will go to the house to meet you and

study your situation and i the house´s feattures We will do a market study

comparing your home with other similar ones and we will advise you and

recommend a sale price so that you can sell your home in a reasonable time and

with the highest possible profit.


Do you need financing for the purchase of your home? If you need help with

the mortgage, do not hesitate to ask us. We will put you in contact with the

banks in the area and if you wish, we will accompany you during the process so

that you find the financing that best suits your needs and with the lowest

interest rate .


If you need help at this point, don’t hesitate to ask us. Depending on your

needs, we will contact the lawyers or managers who can best solve your

problems. Residence permits, work permit, obtaining the N.I.E., income and

estate declaration, etc.) or legal or legal advice (wills, inheritances,

lawsuits …)


Do you spend long stays away from home and want to have someone you trust

supervise the house? Trust us. Twice a month we go to the house to:

Ventilate, Check taps, Pour water into the drains, Check the condition of

the garden and pool, General visual check of the house, Check that the house

has not been illegally occupied, Urgent visit in case of strong storms, Service

management cleaning on demand, Mail collection, Alarm Control, Bill management:

Electricity, water, telephone and internet, city hall fees …


We offer you the best service and we accompany you at all times. We will

make the changes of owner of the direct debits of electricity, water and

municipal taxes so that you can take care of other things. Ask us any questions

and we will gladly help you. From the paperwork, to your children’s school, to

if you are new to the area, we can help you open new social groups based on

your interests and hobbies. We live here for a long time and, due to our social

and open nature, we know various international groups and clubs. In Jávea it

will be easy for you to make friends.


Sick of being called by unprofessional agents? Have you seen the same house

multiple times with different agencies that seem to fight over you rather than

confidently win you over? We offer you a personal shopper service that will

always be on your side. We will search for all the properties on the market and

we will accompany you throughout the process. You will always have a

trustworthy person. This will make it much easier for you since there are many

companies working in the area and, unfortunately, not all of them care about

you as you deserve.


We work hand in hand with Interiorismo Eichmann. A high-level German

company with impeccable references and very correct prices.

For more personal attention

Can we help you?

Contact us and we will find you that house that will make you happy.

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